My favorite way to use B'leave-in conditioner: 

I apply the  B'leave-in conditioner to wet hair, distributing the product throughout from root to tip until all the strands are evenly coated.

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My favorite way to use Seal-N-Shine:

Seal-N-Shine should be applied to wet hair, after the B'leave-in conditioner is applied. The amount to use is to be determined by the length and thickness of your hair. Use however much you need to coat the ends and strands of the hair. This product distributes very well throughout the hair, and is easy to apply. You do not need a lot to accomplish the goal.

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My favorite way to use Dream Curls: 

After the B'leave-in Conditioner and Seal-N-Shine have been applied to freshly washed and conditioned hair, I proceed with the Dream Curls liquid styling gel.  I apply a generous amount throughout all strands making sure to have an even application. Scrunch gel throughout hair for loose wavy textures to provide more volume & bounce. For thicker curls, coils & kinks, smooth throughout hair in small sections. Allow hair to air dry for more defined & longer lasting curls. Lightly diffuse for a more softer, fluffier curl. Once hair is completely dry, scrunch out the soft hold it provides by using the Hair Soufflé.

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My favorite way to use Hair Soufflé:

I like to apply Hair Soufflé to my ends and throughout my hair at night. Then secure my hair up and cover with a satin scarf or bonnet.  In the morning I take my hair down and my hair feels absolutely amazing! Many times, there is no need to apply any more Hair Soufflé

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