-- B'leave-in Conditioner -- 

What is the right amount of B'leave-in to use?

The amount will vary depending on how thick your hair is. Simply apply the amount necessary to evenly coat the hair strands. Given the smooth texture of this leave-in conditioner, it doesn't reacquire a lot of product, and it glides very easily throughout the hair. 

Why is PEG-8 Dimethicone used in this product, as I thought Silicones should be avoided?

PEG-8 Dimethicone is a water soluble silicone. This means that you DO NOT need a shampoo containing sulfates to wash this out. A simple Co-wash will easily remove the silicones from the hair. Now remember the benefits of silicones. They serve as a lubricant between adjacent hair strands, and reduce the forces required for detangling hair. They also impart a high degree of gloss and shine to hair when used in conditioners and styling products. So silicones are a great thing, but they MUST be water soluble.

Is Benzylalcohol-DHA damaging to the hair?

Benzylalcohol-DHA is a broad spectrum preservative that is gentle on the skin and hair. It is highly effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and molds. It is globally approved in rinse-off & leave-on applications, as well as permitted in certified natural and organic cosmetics. It is classified as ecologically friendly raw material based on EU regulations.


-- Seal-N-Shine --  

When should I apply this product? 

- This should be applied to wet hair, after or before your favorite leave-in conditioner is placed. I prefer to apply Seal-N-Shine before I've applied my leave-in conditioner. 

What is the right amount of Seal-N-Shine to use? 

- To be determined by the length and thickness of your hair. Use however much you need to coat the ends and strands of your hair.

Can I apply to my scalp? 

- Yes, you can apply to your scalp. It is the best remedy for anyone that may have dry itchy scalp. 

How does this help fix my dry hair? 

As the hair gets longer, particularly past the neck line, it doesn't have direct contact with the scalp. The essential natural oils present in the scalp are not able to reach the longer hair shaft. Applying an oil rich in EFA (essential fatty acids) will correct the loss because it is easily absorbed into the hair and will help retain the moisture. This oil prevents protein loss that damages hair and eventually leads to hair loss.

Does this help with frizz? 

When hair is frizzy it just means that it lacks moisture and it is dry. This fatty oil resembles the sebum that is naturally produced on your scalp. This will help soften the hair, leaving it silkier, smoother and shinier. 


-- Dream Curls --  

When should I apply this product? 

- This should be applied to wet hair, following the application of Seal-N-Shine and your leave-in conditioner.

Does my hair have to be soaking wet?

- No, soaking wet hair is not necessary.  This product will glide through wet hair, and will produce a faster drying time compared to other gels.

What is the right amount of Dream Curls to use? 

- For looser wavier textures, scrunch the gel evenly throughout the hair, to provide more volume and bounce. For thicker curls, coils & kinks, smooth the gel throughout the hair in small sections. If your hair is thick feel free to use a generous amount, as this gel will not cause build up or flaking.

What is the best way to dry my hair after applying the gel? 

Allow hair to air dry for more defined and longer lasting curls. Lightly diffuse for a more softer, fluffier curl. Once hair is completely dry, scrunch or smooth out the crunch using your Hair Soufflé.


-- Hair Soufflé --

If the product separates or melts down, can I still use it and what should I do?

-Simply stir it around and place it in the refrigerator.  It will go back to its original state, and ready to use again. Take your desired amount in hand and rub together to further melt down.  During the summer months and in warm environments, refrigerators and cool areas such as basements are great places to store your Hair Soufflé.

Is this product safe enough to use on kids?

-Yes, this is all natural (excluding fragrance) and can be used on the hair and skin of children. 

Is this product edible?

-No, this product is made for external use only on hair and skin.  Keep in mind to also avoid getting inside eyes when applying.

Is Hair Soufflé only for natural hair?

-No, this product is made for all textures.  Enjoy this product on the straightest to the most tightly coiled hair textures.  It works well for both natural and chemically relaxed hair.