About Dream Curls 

Dream Curls is a lightweight, slippery gel that glides easily through the hair providing a medium hold. A non-flaking, non-drying gel that will enhance & define all hair textures & patterns, leaving you with shiny, soft & bouncy hair. Great for waves, curls & coils!


Benefits of Linseed Extract

  •  In itself Linseed (better known as flaxseeds) are one of the best dietary supplements that all of us can benefit from. These amazing little seeds contain the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids, and the amount of EFA (essential fatty acids) extracted from these seeds is 50% higher than that of fish. Other isolated nutrients in flaxseed are alpha-linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acids, lignans, protein, fiber, lecithin, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Low level of these fatty acids are associated with excessive dry & brittle hair, and split ends.  When applied to the hair, the extracts from the flaxseeds replace the loss of omega-3 fatty acids and provide proper nourishment to the hair strands. Nutrients crucial for the luxuriant growth of the hair are found in these seeds, and with regular use healthy hair is almost guaranteed. 
Linseed (Flaxseed)

Linseed (Flaxseed)

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root

Benefits of Marshmallow Root:

  • Is a natural herbal supplement derived from the Althaea officinalis plant
  • The mucilage extracted from marshmallow root is rich in proteins as well as vitamins A & C. It serves as a great detangler, provides an incredible slip, promotes hair growth, softens and conditions the hair as well. 
  • The extracts from the marshmallow root have anti-inflammatory properties, and it can soothe dry scalp and skin inflammation, while also giving the hair an amazing shine! 

Benefits of Rosemary oil

  • Stimulates haifollicles and helps the hair to grow longer and stronger
  • Slows down the pre-mature hair loss & graying of the hair over time
  • Nourishes the scalp and removes dandruff
  • Helps to keep your hair soft and manageable

Benefits of Olive oil


  • Can reduce dry flaky scalp as it provides a high boost of moisture
  • Will help smooth and soften frizzy fly aways and reduce the chances of breakage, especially during the winter months
  • Will give your usually dull & drab hair a healthy dose of shine making it moisturized and healthy
  • Will change those frizzy curls to soft locks that will be shiny and more manageable

Ingredients: Distilled water, linseed extract, marshmallow root, carbomer, rosemary oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium EDTA, benzylalcohol-DHA, fragrance