So Why CarmaCare?

Growing up my mother always made sure that I understood that going to the hairdresser was not an expectation. Neither was styling, weaving or anything of the sort allowed.  I was responsible for knowing how to care and style my own hair and that was the bottom line.  Since I grew up in a household where doing your own hair was the norm, I got a lot of practice, and quickly began to like it.  I took pleasure in being able to do my own hair.  Going to a stylist was only for a hair cut and then maybe for “touch-ups” once I entered the “rite of passage” to woman hood and received my first chemical relaxer at 13 years old. 

During my childhood, I started out generally getting a “touch-up” for my relaxer every 8-10 weeks.  As I got older and time went on that changed to 10-12wks, to every 4-5 months, to then just receiving treatments twice a year.   Although my “touch-ups” were infrequent, overtime I noticed that I was over manipulating my hair with chemicals, blow drying, roller setting, and wraping it the same way around my head every night.  I was constantly trying to maintain a straight style when in actuality none of this was really necessary.  The hair on the left side of my head became thinner and noticeably less curly than the right side.  

After years of chemically relaxing my hair, I finally had enough and decided to stop and go natural. I have been natural for the past 8 years, and I now feel comfortable, like “I’m there”, with this whole natural process and being able to properly care for my hair and give it what it needs.  I have surely seen the change in my hair.  It’s thick, full, healthy, and the longest it has ever been in my life.  Through all the years of reading, buying, trying and failing with different hair products, it has enabled me to grow and evolve into a new woman that truly understands what it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy head of hair.

At present I am married to my wonderful supportive husband Shawn, and we have two sons.  I work full-time as a Nationally Licensed and Certified Physician Assistant for the past 14 years, and have specialized in the field of Dermatology for the past 10 years.  My professional medical background complements my interest in hair.  It gives me the opportunity to provide you with an expert approach, and firm ability to understand the needs of the hair and skin.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!!  And I just wanted to share all of the things that I have learned with you.  I want you to love the hair on your head and know how to make it look and feel its very best!


CarmaCare --- Making your Hair Smile

With Our Lord God All Things are Possible